Double Bind (Anna moore)

single channel video & sound
6 min.

Double Bind (Anna Moore) considers the subjectivity of Anna as a character caught within the post-war era genres of psychological melodrama and film noir. Anna repeats daily routines as the video frame slips in time revealing glimpses of a mysterious event. Her intangible voice shifts from calm disconnected recollections to off-screen cries of rage. The video combines the film genre’s framework with structuralist investigations of cinematic codes, mise-en-scène, character, and narrative.

*This version was created from a three-channel video and sound installation entitled Anna Moore.
*also see In This Place (Anna Mooreand photography

Director: Julie Orser
Cast: Anna - Sarah Kraft
Voice of Anna - Leela Grant
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Camera: Julie Orser
Camera Assistant: Carol Gehring
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Kim Donohue
Voice-Over Script: Jon Irving
Crew: Carol Gehring, Jon Irving, Jennifer L. Porter, Matt Sobel, Natasha Subramaniam
Editor and Sound Design: Julie Orser
Music: Appropriated excerpts from Franz Waxman, Rebecca, Sunset Boulevard, Peyton Place
Appropriated excerpts from David Raskin, Laura
Still Photography Assistants: Carol Gehring & Natasha Subramaniam
Special Thanks: Jon Irving, Matt Lipps, Deborah Martin, Mack McFarland, Carol Moore,
Jennifer L. Porter, and P.N.C.A. And to Herb Thompson & Nina Thompson for the additional art direction of their lovely home.