Not Yet Tomorrow

two channel video & sculpture installation 8 min. loop
single channel edit 8 min. 46 sec. 
2007, 2014

Not Yet Tomorrow is a 1980’s style sci-fi fantasy musical comedy. The characters are stand-ins for outdated technology destined for obsolescence. They are cast off and lost in a dark dimension searching for each other. Along the way they encounter the nonsensical incantations from the mysterious, disembodied pink lips. The entire story takes place in a black void as the characters sing a cappella about their circumstance and impending disappearance. Not Yet Tomorrow takes a whimsical look at the perpetual fate of technology through video and sculpture.

*The video and sculpture can be shown together or separately. 

Director: Julie Orser
Camera: Julie Orser
Written by: Julie Orser & Jon Irving
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Cast: Nancy - Stasha Surdyke, Mark - Mark Peterson, Lips - Mark Peterson
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Kelly Swearingen
Crew: Jon Irving, Wendy Mason and Melanie Lee
Editing and Sound Design: Julie Orser
Special Thanks: Jon Irving, Matt Lipps, and Steven Simon